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Friday, June 26, 2009

Notes to plan calendars - personal and social

1a. What is the present situation in your country, city and/or town? For example, in politics, socially, social movements, religions, cultures, social structures, healthcare, education, the social "do's" and "don'ts", social climate.

b. How are you affected? What are the effects on your life - socially and personally? How do you feel? (E.g. do you rebel, retreat, accept, get frustrated or cynical?)

c. What do you think is needed? What would you like to do?

2. What is the Humanist Movement? Why is it needed? What is the proposal? How do we organise? (the structure, weekly meeting, collection etc.)

3a. What is the present situation of the Humanist Movement in your council, country, city and/or town? What are your objectives for the next month, 3 months, 6 months, one year? (structural, social, personal).

b. Why, How, Where, When, with whom? Draw up a personal calendar.

c. What are the joint needs? E.g. leaflets, workshops, registration, joint calendars. Draw up a joint calendar.

d. Is there a joint campaign? For example, Literacy campaign, Humanise Nigeria/Pakistan, education for all, Human Action Centres, multicultural (unity is strength).

4a. What could stop you achieving your objectives - personally and socially?

b. What are your strengths and virtues that can help you achieve you objectives?

c. What socially can help our projects?

5. Guided experience "The Journey".

Guided Experiences:

Guided Experiences are essentially exercises that employ "images" which put our imaginations to work. We consider the work with images to be an interesting resource to help give us new points of view, to give agility to our mental dynamics and ingenuity, to evoke certain emotions, to recall events in our lives, to open the future. These guided experiences help to make our existence more positive, strengthen our contact with ourselves, and aid us in the search for meaning in our lives.
One person reads the Experience, leaving gaps of 15-20 seconds at the asterisk (*), while the other participants follow. The Experience can be followed best if one shuts one's eyes, but if it is more comfortable with the eyes open.


I continue walking up the mountain path. I stop for a moment and look behind me. In the distance I see the thin blue line of a river, and what could be a grove of trees. Further, the reddish desert stretches away, vanishing in the mist of late afternoon.

I walk a few more steps. The path becomes narrower, and then disappears. I know that I still have the last and most difficult stretch to go until I reach the plateau. The snow hardly hampers my movements. I continue the ascent.

I reach a rock wall. I study it carefully, and I discover a crevice that I can climb. I begin to climb, hooking my mountain boots wherever I find a foothold.

I put my back against one side of the crevice while I pull myself up with an elbow and my other arm. I climb up.

Now the crevice has become narrower. I look up, and I look down. I am halfway up. It is impossible for me to move either further up, or back down.

I change the position of my body, and now I am facing flat against the slippery surface. I plant both of my feet firmly, and very slowly stretch one arm above me. I feel my moist breath reflected from the rock in front of my face. I grope with my fingers, not knowing whether I will find some small crack. I gently stretch out my other arm. I feel myself swaying. My head moves slowly away from the rock. Later, my whole body follows, and I'm about to fall backwards... but I find a crack in the stone. I grip it with my fingers as if they were hooks. Now I am firmly in place, and I continue the ascent climbing without difficulty in the final approach.

Finally, I reach the top. I stand upright, and an endless meadow appears before me. I walk forward a few steps. I turn around. Towards the abyss, it is already night. Towards the plain, the last rays of the sun radiate in multi-coloured hues. I am comparing both of these spaces when suddenly I hear a high pitched sound. As I look up, I observe a luminous disk suspended above me. Then, it begins to descend, circling around me.

It lands very close to me. Moved by an internal call, I approach it without any fear. I go inside, with the sensation of passing through a slightly warm curtain of air. Immediately, I feel my body becoming lighter. I am in a transparent bubble that is flat at the base.

Now, as if propelled by a large spring, we shoot straight up. I think we're going in the direction of Beta Hydris, or maybe towards NGC 3621.

I can briefly see the meadow below, bathed by the light of dusk. We are going up faster and faster. The sky becomes darker as the earth gets further and further away.

I can feel the speed increasing. Clear, shining stars become dimmer and dimmer, until they disappear in total darkness.

In front of me I see a single point of golden light, which begins to grow larger. As we go towards it, I see a vast opening that stretches into an extremely long, transparent corridor. Suddenly, we stop. We land on an open area. I cross through the curtain of warm air, and leave the bubble.

I'm standing between transparent walls; as I go through them, they make musical changes of colour.

I continue onward until I arrive at a space, and in the centre I see a vast moving object which is impossible to capture with the eye, because when my gaze follows any direction on its surface, it always loops back into the interior of the object. I feel dizzy, and I look away.

Now I find a figure which appears to be human. I cannot see its face. It extends a hand to me, in which I see a radiant sphere. I begin to approach, and, in an act of complete acceptance, I take the sphere and place it against my forehead. (*)

In total silence, I feel that something new is being born within me. Successive undulations and a growing Force bathe my body, and at the same time, from the deepest part of my being, a great joy wells up. (*)

Somehow I know that this figure is saying to me without words: "Return to the world with your forehead and your hands luminous." (*)

And so I accept my destiny. I return to the bubble, and go back through the opening, past the stars, and the meadow, and the rock wall. (*)

Finally, I am back on the mountain path, a humble pilgrim, returning to my people. (*)

Full of light, I return to the hours, to the daily routine, to the pain of humanity, and to its simple joys.

I, who give from my hands what I can, who receive both insults and fraternal greetings, sing to the heart which, from the darkest abyss, is reborn through the light of the longed for Meaning.

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